7 Ways You Can Support Local Business For A Brighter 2021

We could go on and on about the devastation that was 2020, but I am sure, like us, you are so over talking about it! With some of us still in extreme situations, a lot of us need to come back to a space where we can create some positivity in the world and for ourselves.

We can support this by looking at what we can do to bring life back to our own communities in order to help set up the best and speediest recovery. One way we can do this is to be mindful of where we spend our money and our time.

We have put some suggestions together for supporting local business:

Market Shop

Instead of heading to the big chain grocery stores, look at what fresh produce markets, butchers and bakers you have nearby. They will have suffered in the last year with grocery giants being the only option for most.

You will also be buying fresher, tastier and in-season fruit and veg, which will be supporting local growers and their staff as well as being better for our bodies.

Local Restaurants

The fantastic food outlets near you will have had a tough year, either restructuring how they get food to you or how and if they can even continue running!

Heading to your local main street to dine out helps these businesses get back on their feet and also means if you partake in some delicious wine, you can walk home afterwards! Win win!

Tip More

On the subject of eating out, let’s spare a thought to those who have either had very little work or had to stop altogether over the pandemic. The hard-working people in the service industry were battered, and a bit of extra cash left as a tip could make a massive difference to their pay-packet.

Local Cafes

Much like your local restaurants, cafes will have been significantly affected last year. Luckily, coffee is a must-have for many!

Making sure you are buying your morning brew from your favourite local barista is an excellent way to get out and have a calm moment before work in the morning and means more money for the business as they build back up. Oh, and don’t forget your Fressko!

Independently Owned Shops

Instead of buying our clothing, gifts or homewares from big department stores or online, why not do some research and find some of the boutique and independent stores in your area.

You’ll often get a better service, better quality products and the knowledge that you are helping a business get through the tough times.

Follow On Socials

Fast becoming the most widely used platforms for advertising and marketing, social media is more critical than ever.

By following and sharing experiences from your locally run businesses can accelerate their customer reach and get their products out there to the masses! Write a review!

Spread The Word!

Nothing is better for your businesses reputation than positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Let everyone know about the services you have received just down the road from your home and encourage others to look on their doorsteps more closely in the future.

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