6 ways To Make Christmas 2020 Special

With a year like the one we have just had, we at Fressko think it’s super important to make sure Christmas is still celebrated to the best of our ability. Whether we look forward to a summer of relative ease or perhaps face a winter of potential isolation this festive season ( hopefully not though! ) there are things we can do to uplift ourselves and our loved ones.

The biggest and most obvious problem in 2020 has of course been the global pandemic that has had all of our lives turned upside down in one way or another and one thing we have all had in common is not being able to see everyone we care about as easily as accustomed.

With the strong possibility of a Christmas at home, only surrounded by people you live with (and some alone ) the usual excitement of glistening decorations, carol nights, end of year parties and family feasts are potentially off the table. And so some forward-thinking is in order to bring some joy to the season this year.

Here are our tips!

Shop Early

With the disruption to postal services and never knowing what stores or markets will be open at any given time, it is advisable to get your shopping sorted as soon as possible. For many of us at the moment, that means online only and with delivery times so unpredictable, early November is the time to act.

Plan delicious food

Having a clear food plan for delicious meals and treats on Christmas day means you can start to grab non-perishable or freezable food items early and we have already seen the supermarket aisles packed with Christmas treats!

Waiting to the last minute could be dangerous this year, especially with some food and grocery stores having a capacity limit. Hopefully, we won’t have any toilet paper-like hoarding issues when the Christmas goodies are stocked but hey, it’s 2020, you never know!

Make Ornaments

For a little added cheer, why not spend an afternoon making ornaments for the tree. You can do it on your own, with your housemates, your partner or your kids, and make some memorable decorations for your house. You can look back on them in years to come, be grateful and remember the tough times you have made it through.

Dig out those X-Mas classics

Home Alone (1), anyone? Love Actually (2)? Or perhaps National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (3)? There is simply no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by watching a few festive classics. Nowadays we can screen almost any movie so start getting your favourites lined up!

Deck the halls early

Dust off that ornament box and get decorating! Making the house feel festive by hanging lights from rafters, putting wreaths on doors, stockings on fireplaces and creepy elves watching your every move is sure to get those festive juices flowing. And why wait till December? Who says we can’t get the tree up now and start that Christmassy feeling early!

Back-up-plan Zoom parties

Some of us simply don’t know if we will be able to have people over or not at this stage and have to play things by ear. Planning a safety net agreement with your loved ones to get together on a zoom call on Christmas morning (or eve if you fancy a tipple… we do! ) is a way to make sure you will still have contact with those people most important to you. Every country has a different reality this Christmas, so to plan for every possibility is the safest way to go.

We are confident and determined that with a little planning and some ( ok, a lot ) of positivity, Christmas 2020 can be a light at the end of a long tunnel this year.


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