Goodness Me, this is what I've been looking for!

With so many new products being launched on the daily it is so hard to keep up with what's what as well as also becoming super expensive if you were to buy a full size product every time you wanted to try it out - and then what if you didn't like it, it gets added to your 'what do I do with this pile' ( and who needs to add to that pile, not us! ) This is where Goodness Me Box comes in and why we LOVE them! They are Australia's leading health food sampling box, delivering healthy snacks and products straight into your hot little hands every month and helping to make healthy eating easy, delicious and FUN! When you sign up, you’ll be surprised with 7-10 boutique health products and samples delivered to your door each month for just $25. No more expensive trips to the health food store, or wondering what is actually healthy. Their team of health practitioners do the work for you, and everything in the monthly box is always natural and GMO-free. Think the newest super-foods, wholefood bars to eat on the go, nut butters, coconut oil, herbal teas, raw chocolates, or gluten-free granola – that’s just an idea of what you might get and every month is different. The sample sizes you receive are so handy and the joy of opening up a surprise box each month makes each month a little but like Christmas and THIS is why they are a brand we LOVE. health food, treats, samplesgift, samples, present

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