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Wear wisely and support ethical fashion
We were pretty suprised to learn that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry. From water consumption to toxic chemicals and dyes, to the huge volumes of waste created by fast-fashion consumer trends, the impact created by what we buy and wear is far-reaching. The problem is pretty big, but making a difference is actually easier than you might think. Simply by taking the time to learn a little more about where your clothes come from, and making more informed purchase decisions, you can ensure your fashion dollars are supporting ethical, environmentally-minded businesses. And, like any good supply-and-demand model, the more consumers choosing to support ethical fashion production, the more we’ll see the industry shift in the right direction. We are proud to work with and support ethical fashion brands like Aussie activewear label, Nimble. Based in Bondi, Nimble was started by two business-minded babes who are passionate about sustainable and safe, ethical production. We caught up with the girls from Nimble to learn more about their fashion philosophy, and what being ethical means to them.

Activewear has become a hugely trendy industry in the past few years. What are the ethical implications around consumption and churn in regards to trends like this?

Women are increasingly trying to lead a healthier lifestyle so we’ve seen activewear consumption skyrocket in recent years. We’re not proud that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world, so we’ve created our Compresslite range, that’s been created with fabric knitted from yarn using post-consumer use recycled plastic bottles, to try to lessen our brand’s environmental footprint. Every pair of Compresslite leggings uses six recycled plastic bottles and every sports bra uses two recycled plastic bottles.

What does 'ethical' mean to you - how does it impact your production, or marketing, or business model?

We believe being an ethical business is about constantly innovating, evolving and developing products and strategies that see you lessen your impact on the environment and increase your contribution to the community. In our business, this manifests through our sustainability efforts, our charity donations, and our community events. Woman in matching Nimble Activewear Set with made by Fressko Bamboo Flask

What are you most proud of about your brand and products?

We’re a company made by women for women so we’re passionate about helping other ladies around the world who are in need. We’ve raised over $26,000 for charities that support and empower women in Australia and all around the world, including the National Breast Cancer Foundation and i=Change. And, through our Compresslite range, we’ve saved 300,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill which we’re so proud of. We’ve also positioned our two retail stores (Bondi and Armadale) not only as a place for consumers to experience our products but as community hubs. In the past year alone, over 2,000 women have attended our community events and workshops.

What are the main changes you'd like to see happen in the activewear industry to make it more ethical overall?

To make the industry more ethical, I think it’s important to champion and share the positive changes that brands are making. The more brands share the efforts they’re making to create a positive change in the world, the more pressure there is on other brands to follow suit.

What can we do as consumers to encourage a more ethical industry?

Vote with your wallet! Spending your hard-earned money with brands you align with in terms of their approach to sustainability and ethical practices is the best way to incite real change in the industry.

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