A Very Sustainable Fashion Week

Fashion Week is well underway for another year, and what usually stands as an industry synonymous with overconsumption, Afterpay Australian Fashion week (AAFW) are paving the way, with their focus shifting to sustainable designers that support ethical production practices whilst also committing to ditching single-use plastic and reducing waste across the event.

This week, fashionistas will have immersed themselves in over 50 live runway shows spread across the event, celebrating local and indigenous design, along with a jam-packed week of presentations and talks. Staffers and influencers alike have been spotted adorning their oh-so-fancy Fressko flasks sharing our message that when it comes to sustainability, you don’t need to compromise on style. It really has been a beautiful sight.

As a Sustainability Partner for AAFW, not only have we gifted nearly 2500 reusable drink bottles, but we also endeavoured to create a low-waste installation. Our goal being to prove that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. A large part of the installation was created by Monique of The Bloom Movement and the outcome is a beautiful immersion of Fressko, Nature, Sustainability and Beauty, which is truly stunning!

Every element of the installation is low-waste with the majority of the blooms everlasting flowers. These will be transformed into bouquets and are set to go on sale after the show via The Bloom Movement website with 50% of the profit going to the wonderful organisation It's Ok To Not Be Okay. The remaining live plants will take on a new life and will be gifted as “random acts of kindness” to our incredible front line workers.

The Bloom Movement is the brainchild of Monique Wardley. What started off as a love affair for blooms and a random act of kindness after battling with her own mental health, has now blossomed (pardon the pun) into a successful social enterprise, with 50% of profits supporting Mental Health and Wellness initiatives. An initiative which aligns perfectly with the Fressko philosophy: BE KIND TO MOTHER EARTH, TO OTHERS, AND TO YOURSELF. You can read more about The Bloom Movement over here 

Cameron Little, Afterpay Australian Fashion Week’s Sustainability Consultant says “The zero-waste installation produced by the made by Fressko team at Afterpay’s Australian Fashion Week is an important step to create a blue-print for other brands to go zero-waste. We consulted with the team to ensure that the highest standard was achieved, and we are really proud of the end result.”

Our PR Gurus’ New Future Folk, have also been working tooth and nail alongside us to ensure our presence at AAFW has a reduced carbon footprint, offsetting any emissions that were unavoidable. From transport to-and-from the event to reducing our fashion footprint by utilising formal dress hire company Glam Corner and by creating a zero-waste immersive installation, highlighting what you can achieve when you think outside of the box.

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#BETHECHANGE with made by Fressko

Photo Credit: Jessica Bicknell

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