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Beautifully crafted leather sleeves designed to fit snug around your Fressko reusable coffee cup. Available in 2 sizes and 7 colours to compliment your Camino or Bino cup.

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We collaborated with luxe leather label KINNON to create the ultimate cup accessory. Featuring a handy finger loop to make holding your cup and phone at the same time possible, the pebble leather is soft, durable and will get better with age.

We take style seriously.

How to use Fressko?

1. Twist open the lid.

2. Twist filter apart. Fill long component with loose leaf tea. Twist filter back together.

3. Pop filter into flask. Fill with boiling water.

1. Twist open the lid.

2. Twist apart the Infuser Filter. Add fruit. Pop short infuser into the flask.

3. Twist lid back on. Allow to infuse.

2 reviews for Sleeve

  1. Tex

    Quiet simply the best coffee cup on the market. I’ve tried most of them and the Fressko wins easily. The cup is easy to clean, solid and keeps my coffee warm for hours. The lid is easy to put on and clean and stops spills 100% they also look awesome and the hardest choice was which colour! I recently had a long drive and my wife suggested taking 2 coffees and the second coffee was as warm as the first 90 minutes later. Love it. It’s the perfect gift for all my coffee drinking friends as well.

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  2. Natasha Cinnamon Vitols

    Pity it’s not vegan. I would buy some it if it was. Non vegan is non sustainable. There are many alternatives to leather such as vegan leather. Many retailers are making vegan leather jackets & other such products! This product could be the next big thing as such a small amount of fabric is used in the sleeve it could be an affordable purchase that people are proud to boast about. Fingers crossed I can can buy one soon. Kind regards:)

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    • Fressko (store manager)

      Hi there! We chose real leather due to the exclusion of plastics in our products and because it is biodegradable. We appreciate your feedback though and continue to listen. Fressko.

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10 months ago
Brandy Morgan

This is a PERFECT size! I work remotely from coffee shops and I started using this one because it is the perfect size when to fit my normal coffee order :)

1 year ago
Kimberley Bennett
(verified owner)

I have been a customer for years, the product is great for cold and warm drinks, I even feel special to drink out of one lol, I feel like i’m Making a difference with this eco friendly product. Also the customer service is great, I am a satisfied customer. ❤️

1 year ago

Such a good coffee cup. Keeps my coffee hot for a really long time and its easy to clean.


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Available in 2 sizes | 7 colours

Beautifully crafted leather sleeves designed to fit snug around your Fressko reusable coffee cup.
2 reviews
From $19.95 USD