Insulated Stainless Steel

500ml / 16oz
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Create your favourite fruit infusions on the go with Fressko’s 500ml Colour Collection Water Bottle – the perfect companion for every beverage enthusiast.

* Includes Fressko 2-in-1 Infuse Filter

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Keeps cold for 12 hours
Stays hot 6 hours


These stylish, chemical-free, insulated flasks with stainless steel inner include Fressko’s 2-in-1 Filter and are the perfect companion for creating your favourite fruit-infused cocktail, brewing your special tea blend or simply mixing your coffee; all while you BREW AS YOU GO.

This product is lightweight, vacuum sealed to ensure the contents stay hot (while remaining soft to the touch) for up to 6 hours or chilled for at least 12 hours and has a leak-proof, easy to grip lid, scratch-proof body and slip resistant base. Available in 6 colours.



  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Tea Infuser
  • Coffee Thermos Flask
  • Fruit Infuser and for Smoothies and Juices
  • 6.5CM (W) X 24.5CM (H)
  • Weight: 313.5G Opening: 5.5CM

*note: colours may vary slightly from what you see on screen.

How to use Fressko?

1. Twist open the lid.

2. Twist filter apart. Fill long component with loose leaf tea. Twist filter back together.

3. Pop filter into flask. Fill with boiling water.

4. Twist lid back on and allow to steep.

1. Twist open the lid.

2. Remove the Infuser Filter.

3. Add beverage. Twist lid back on.

1. Remove lid.

2. Twist apart the Infuser Filter. Add fruit.

3. Pop short filter back into the Flask. Fill with water.

4. Twist Lid back on. Allow to Infuse.

11 reviews for Insulated Stainless Steel

  1. Khrissa Barcelon

    I don’t know why my fiancé and I waited so long, or why we bothered with other flasks and drink bottles.
    We are so happy with how cold/hot our drinks stay in our Made By Fressko flasks. No need throw out our cold coffees and teas anymore because they don’t get cold! Best purchase ever!

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  2. Nadine Belcher

    Purchase the clay flask and LOVE IT. Was leaking when I first got it and realised seal in the lid was missing. The guys were so quick to rectify and send me a deal. The flask is stylish and keeps my coffee hot literally all day. So happy with and would purchase again!

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  3. Simon

    Easily the best bottle out there. I use it every day for fruit infused waters and warm teas at night. Keeps contents hot and cold for hours. Thank you, I love it!

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  4. Jess

    I’ve had my flask for a few months now and it’s still in great condition. I use it for hot and cold. Lasts for hours.

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  5. Helen (store manager)

    I got this to match my white fressko coffee cup and it is worth every dollar I spent, They are on the higher price side but you are paying for quality so I am happy. Its already on my christmas list for friends

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3 weeks ago

A wonderful product and love that its glass, I think the purest container. xx

2 months ago

Fav coffee cup. Seriously it keeps my coffee so hot I can't us it with the lid on if I want to have my coffee after brewing it. 100% recommended

2 months ago

Very impressed with this cup, I've had it for a couple of months now and loving it. The rubber base is a nice touch that I didn't know I wanted. The lid is far superior to other reusable coffee cups I've used, I can fill it up place it in my bag for later and it doesn't spill a drop. And it holds heat very well!

My only complaint, which isn't really a complaint but a minor inconvenience, is that it is 1mm to small and my aeropress just fits in the cup and gets stuck if I push down too hard. I do have the small version on this cup so maybe the larger one doesn't have this issue. But apart from decanting directly into the cup from an aeropress, this is a fantastic cup for every other use.


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