At Fressko we are not just about drink bottles, there are many things we love and are passionate about and we want to share them with you!

person creating easter decorations surrounded by craft equipment

A Very Mindful Easter

It seems like we have just managed to get through Christmas, school holidays, Valentines Day and several other national holidays - and yet, he...

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Iced tea in Fressko LIFT glass flask

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

With the first new moon of the year being in the sign of Aquarius many of us are looking for revolutionary and radical new ways of doing thing...

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Cute wooden reindeer decoration on Christmas tree

An Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas can be one of the most fun and heartwarming times of the year; a time to celebrate, share special gifts with friends and family, to...

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pumkins and foliage on dark grey background

DIY Sustainable Halloween

Is it just us, or is 2019 zipping past in a total blur?! We just realised that trick-or-treat season is right around the corner — if we’re wan...

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Woman embracing a green fern tree from behind

Going (almost) plastic-free

Plastic Free July is an amazing initiative but let’s be real: Committing to a less-plastic lifestyle for just one month out of 12 isn’t really...

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