Insulated Bamboo

300ml / 10oz
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The sophisticated, hard wearing bamboo flask with stainless steel inner and leak-proof lid is your ideal ‘on the go’ flask.

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The bamboo range of flasks include the unique 2 in 1 Fressko Infuser Filter and are ideal for coffee, tea or as a fruit infuser water bottle while you are out and about. The inner consists of insulated food grade stainless steel and the outer is wrapped in real bamboo from the mountains of Ningbo. These flasks are hard wearing and will keep your brew hot or your water cold for hours. Available in 2 sizes.



  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Tea Infuser
  • Coffee Thermos Flask
  • Fruit Infuser and for Smoothies and Juices
  • Bamboo Outer
  • Hardened Silicone Inner Lid
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel ( 304 )
  • RUSH – 6.5cm (W) X 18.5cm (H)
    Weight: 276 gm Opening: 5.5 cm
  • TRIP – 7 cm (W) X 21.5 cm (H)
    Weight: 465 gm Opening: 5.5 cm

How to use Fressko?

1. Twist open the lid.

2. Add 1/2 tsp of tea to flask. Pop Infuser back into flask. Fill with boiling water.

3. Twist lid back on and allow to brew.

1. Twist open the lid.

2. Remove filter. Add your beverage.

3. Twist lid back on and enjoy.

1. Twist lid apart.

2. Remove filter. Fill with fruits or herbs. Pop filter back in. Fill with water.

3. Twist lid back on and allow to infuse.

2 reviews for Insulated Bamboo

  1. Sam Wolfgram

    Purchased for the ease of commuting in the winter and taking a fresh tea with me and it has done noting but leaked every time I use it! On one occasion by the time I arrived at work the whole flask had emptied into my bag. Certainly not leak proof one bit!

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    • Fressko (store manager)

      Hi Sam, Sounds like the seal has been removed from your flask. Please contact customer service to arrange a seal replacement 🙂

  2. Jessica

    I got one of these a few years ago and it’s still going strong! Fits in my car cup holder. I mostly use it for lemon and honey drinks, hot or cold depending on the season. Filter is perfect for holding in the lemon wedges.

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1 week ago
Fressko Fan

I love my Fressko cup. My 12oz cup has withstood toddler and newborn life and tired parent coffee needs for years. It’s very well loved and still going strong. A testament to their hardiness and functionality. And so easy on the eye 🤩

2 weeks ago
(verified owner)

Absolutely LOVE these coffee cups! I have 2 little kids and forgot what it was like to drink hot coffee - now my coffee is still hot an hour or 2 later! Doesn't leak, can just pop it in my bag or pram and I don't have to worry about spilt coffee. Also great to keep smoothies cool on the go, or for sharing with little ones who can't manage a cup properly yet. Highly recommend Fressko and their tea flasks too!

3 weeks ago

It does not stay hot for very long - lukewarm with 90mins of pouring in hot water. Not something I would rush into buying for hot drinks!


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