Coffee Gift Pack


From $49.95 AUD

12 oz reusable takeaway coffee cup with spill proof, lock lid.

Internal barista measurement lines and vacuum sealed to keep your coffee hot while you are on the go!

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12 Hours
Up to 3 Hours

Keep your tasty brew hot for hours in our insulated reusable coffee cups. Paired with delicious quality coffee in either ground or nespresso pod form, these packs are sure to impress.

Whats in your pack?:
  • 1 x cup of choice
  • 1 x 1L Happy Soy Boy Milk
  • 1 x 250g Espresso blend Supreme coffee
  • 1 x cup of choice
  • 2 x pod packs containing 10 x pods per pack
See below for pod information :
    *Packs are only able to be shipped within Australia

NOTE: Pod + Parcel Pods are biodegradable & Compostable, suitable for Nespresso machines and contain 10 x pods per pack

About Pod + Parcel Pods

About Supreme Coffee

Flavour  – Milk Chocolate & Citrus

Aroma – Sweet Marzipan

Acidity – Crisp & Clean

Body – Rich & Creamy


About Soy Boy

No Nasties, No preservatives. No Flavours. Straight up yum.

How to use Fressko?

1 week ago
(verified owner)

Incredible product. Easy to clean, doesn’t leak, so sleek and keeps my coffee hot!! I use multiple times everyday. Customer service second to none. Highly highly recommend this company and their products!

1 week ago
Sharron Sharp
(verified owner)

Just love my new reusable cup, stays hot all day! They are the greatest thing invented !

3 weeks ago
Jeanette Gage

I have a cupboard full of keep cups! But this one? Never makes it to my cupboard I use it that much. I have a small one and the bigger one and use both every day. Brilliant. Best keep cup I’ve ever used.


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a reusable Fressko coffee cup and a choice of premium coffee and soy milk
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