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12 oz reusable takeaway coffee cup with spill proof, lock lid.

Internal barista measurement lines and vacuum sealed to keep your coffee hot while you are on the go!

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12 Hours
Up to 3 Hours

Keep your tasty brew hot for hours in our insulated reusable coffee cups.

Paired with delicious barista quality coffee from Coffee Supreme and dairy free Soy m*lk from our friends at Happy Soy Boy, these packs are sure to impress.

Packs contain:
  • 1 x Fressko cup of choice
  • 1 x 1L Happy Soy Boy Milk
  • 1 x 250g Espresso blend Supreme coffee

*Packs are only able to be shipped within Australia

About Supreme Coffee

Flavour  РMilk Chocolate & Citrus

Aroma – Sweet Marzipan

Acidity – Crisp & Clean

Body – Rich & Creamy

Finish – Caramelised Sweetness


About Soy Boy

No Nasties, No preservatives. No Flavours. Straight up yum.

How to use Fressko?

2 months ago
Meghan Brill
(verified owner)
Love love love my Bino Floss so much. I have buyers regret....that I didn't order the mint coloured one as well!
3 months ago
It is light and small enough to carry in my bag, fits perfectly in my cup holder, and lid works so well I can put it in my bag without worrying about spillage. It also fits under portafilter (as a previous barista, this is really important to me), and has clear lines for 4, 6 and 8oz! Keeps coffee nice and warm. Been looking for a perfect reusable cup and almost gave up until I came across bino. Highly recommended!
4 months ago
Caitlyn A
(verified owner)
This is the best keep cup ever! It keeps your coffee warm for up to 3 hours, feel substantial (like an actual cup!) and is compact enough to chuck in your handbag without taking up too much space (and no losing the lid in the depths of your handbag as it's a screw top!). Bino is a simple and stylish design - and has so far proven to been stain and scratch proof inside and out. I use it everyday - sometimes fill it with cold water for the car ride in, then with delicious coffee once I've gotten to work. Keeps both drinks the temperature that they should be, aaaand keeps my handbag spill free!

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